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Celebrating over 500 years of Uisge Beatha!


Scotland and Ireland are recognized internationally for their production of single malts and blended whiskeys. Scotland has over 100 distilleries and Ireland holds 10, and together they are dedicated to the production of one of the finest spirits on earth.
Each distillery produces its own distinctive taste; the ingredients and proportions are guarded secrets and have been for hundreds of years.
New and old conoisseurs are honoured with such a mystical gift, the amber nectar of the Gods, and meeting along our whisky trail introduces our members to uisge beatha - the water of life.

The Society

The Celtic Whisky Society is a fellowship of connoisseurs of Single Malts and Irish Whisky's our goal is to promote the appreciation and consumption of some of the finest whisky's in the world.
Our Society meets monthly at venues throughout the city of London to taste the selected whisky's prepared by our tasting committee.
We also complement our drams with great beer, fine cigars and traditional food items prepared by our society chef.
It's a night of whisky, beer, cigars ,food, storytelling: what better way to celebrate over 500 years of this great spirit, than with ambiance and friendship.
We are now entering our seventh year of service, and we look forward to many more successful years ahead.
We welcome new members to join our society and experience the wide array of tastes we can offer our guests.

The Celtic Whisky Society Product Training Program

The Celtic Whisky Society product training program is offered to restaurant licencee's. This program will educate your staff and managment on all aspects of single malts, Irish whiskey's, and cigars.
This is a valuable opportunity for your employee's to establish an educated foundation for promoting and selling your well invested inventory.

Program Outline

Product History
Tasting Notes
Selling Tools

Now taking bookings for
fall and winter 1998 - 99 season!

Scottish National Party

The Celtic Whisky Society
Eddy Harper

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